Monday 30 April 2012

Fahrenheit 4NOne Curling Iron set

I've seen SO many videos of this curler used on YouTube, and I've heard so many good things about it, so I figured, why not try it out? I actually got this as a gift, which I may have hinted at, but I believe it was $49.00 from Winners. If you live in Canada and have a Winners near by I would definitely recommend this as if your going to buy it online it's quite a bit more. I've found it here on Amazon for $72.99.

There are 4 different size barrels that come with this curling iron. Removing and attaching the barrels is a breeze and I never have any issues with that. I've used it multiple times and my favourite barrels seem to be the 2 middle ones. They make such awesome curls. I find the second smallest barrel gives you the Taylor Swift waves/curls, so if any of you are going for that, I recommend that size.  It heats up very quickly, the glove is very helpful and comfy- and trust me, you wanna wear the glove because I know from experience that it gets VERY hot and will give you a nasty burn if you accidentally touch it to your skin. It also gets up to temperature super fast! I can plug it in, turn it on (holding the power button for a second or two, sometimes it's slow) and I would say within 25 seconds its up to full heat. You'll know it's on for sure because the screen lights up.

Normally I stick with the default temperature of 360 degrees but you can choose any temperature you like (up to 450F). The swivel cord makes manoeuvring very easy so you don't have a tangled curly cord by the end of your routine. I find I can sleep in my curls and wake up the next day, and my hair is still just as curly as the day before!

One small issue I have with it is when you turn it off and don't unplug it, it makes this small beeping noise every few seconds (20 maybe?). It's beyond me why it would continue to beep after it's off but I just end up unplugging it and the problem is solved! So overall I would recommend this to anyone and everyone for a versatile curling iron.

If you wanna see some how-to videos/more reviews on the curling iron check out these videos that I've linked below :)

Review 1

Review 2

Review 3


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  6. Great review, I've always wanted to try this kind of curling iron as I only use one of the really old school types! :) x

    1. Thanks Rebecca! With your current curling iron you should just try to wrap your hair around the barrel and hold it in place and see how the curls turn out. If it gets hot enough it may achieve a similar effect :)

  7. Looks good! I'm addicted to my Babyliss hot rollers for curling my hair though so nothing can replace those!

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    1. May have to try those! I love how easy hot rollers are and I have a set now but they aren't anything special so maybe i'm just using the wrong brand!

      Thanks for the follow!

  8. I've been looking at this curling wand for AGGGGGES but unforgivably they don't make a version for the Australian power sockets... Boo!

    1. Oh no, thats a shame, you're really missing out! Hopefully you can find something similar for your area! :)

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