Tuesday 3 April 2012

Vichy Foundation- Normaderm Teint

Vichy Normaderm Teint

Today I wanted to share my favorite drug-store foundation with you all! I have 'less than perfect' skin, get blemishes, and tend to have a fairly dry face overall. If you know anything about this foundation you will know it is somewhat directed towards acne prone-oily complexions but if my face is thoroughly moisturized before I put on the foundation it does not dry my face out. I loveee it. I would say it has medium coverage and is very buildable. I believe this foundation replaced an earlier version that they have now phased out but I didn't start using it until after so i'm not quite sure how it would compare to that. I am the Tres clair Opal 15 colour and I actually find because it's not too heavy I can wear it in the winter as well as spring & fall.

It is in the higher price range for drug store foundations at (around) $27 but in my mind it's worth it! You find something you love and you stick with it! :)

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