Wednesday 25 April 2012

Luxe Box by Loose Button

Ok SO, I just signed up for GLOSSYBOX earlier this week and was checking out some of the other Beauty Boxes that were available to me in Canada. Most of them had a wait list and so I joined the Luxe box waiting list since to join the list I didn't have to put in my credit card info-unlike one of the others. Well turns out the wait list wasn't that long because I got an email the next day and it said "Your Luxe Box invitation is here" and I only had 48 hours to sign up before the invitation expired.

I really should have waited until I got my GLOSSYBOX to make sure that I liked the idea of a beauty box but no, you would think that it was the last Luxe Box on earth because I signed up immediatly. I mean if I didn't, what if I let the inviation expire and then never got another inviation again, I would be very dissapointed. So really I just saved myself all that hassle because I probably will like the GLOSSYBOX and want more. Atleast that's how i'm rationalizing it to myself. And hey, I can cancel at any time after I recieve the first one so i'm not out that much.

As I mentioned in my GLOSSYBOX post, I will wait until my Luxe Box arrives until I do the full review but if you want some more info on Luxe Boxes, keep reading.

Luxe Box is an exciting membership service that delivers 4-5 deluxe beauty samples to you in a chic box every month. The samples range from skincare and makeup to fragrance, body, and haircare. This way, you get to try a variety of products and brands in the comfort of your home and discover the ones that are perfect for you.  The service is only available in Canada and is $12 a month including shipping.

Luxe box also offers a First in Line Program. It is an exciting program that lets you reserve one product in your upcoming Luxe Box based on a selection of available products. If you successfully reserve the product, you will receive it in your next Luxe Box. It's not available every month but when they are running this program, you will get an email link and the option to reserve your product (if your quick enough!). This is something different from the other boxes I've seen.

So there's the low-down on Luxe Box- if you think you wanna try it with me, click here.  Super excited to receive my box and share it with you guys!

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