Wednesday 13 June 2012

Makeup Dupe List

I just found this makeup dupe list and I am SO excited about it. There is so many products that I want that sometimes aren't within my budget but with this list I can at least hopefully find something similar. Once I find similar products I normally Google it with the product I want to compare it to (say "Milani Luminous- Nars Orgasm" for example) and look for blog reviews comparing the two. Trust me if you want to find a review comparing beauty products I can almost guarantee someone has done it. I'll also look for MakeupAlley reviews. Anyway, that's all, just a quick post sharing what I've found!



  1. i just saw your comment! thank you so much for the nomination that made my day!! :)

  2. I love using temptalia for dupes or even just for her opinions on products she points out every positive and negatives (if any)!

  3. The Temptalia site is fantastic-one stop place for all beauty questions lol xoxo


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