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  1. Hey, I thought I might just comment here as my email is all screwed up at the moment haha. I saw your comment on my blog and wanted to say you're blog is lovely also and I'm following back! As for the button thing, I haven't made one as of yet but now that you've mentioned it I think I might and I would definitely be keen for swapping :) I'd have no idea how to go about it though haha Xxxxxxxx

    1. Ok great! I can help you with putting the button up on your blog like mine is and how to put mine on yours, so thats not a prob! And i'm not sure if you have an idea on a button yet but if you need help I could probably put one together for you for free if you make a post about it on your blog! :) Let me know what you think!

      Thanks for the follow! xo


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